Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rant and Stuff 1

For some reason, every time I get my hair cut I feel like a new person. Even if it is just getting my hair trimmed a few inches! I always end up feeling like a well-groomed squirrel, but maybe that is just because I am crazy and have an overactive imagination and hyperness drive. Speaking of hyperness (which isn't a word) I get really mad when people use the word irregardless. It really shouldn't be a word because it is a double negative! Technically, irr (negative) cancels out less (negative) so irregardless really means in regard of. No, I am not a grammar freak, but the "i" word really bothers me!

Can Dogs Be Sad?

I believe that like humans, dogs can be sad and depressed. Lately, my German Shepherd has been looking a little down in the dumps. I had boarded her up in the mountains over my spring break so she was around other dogs and playing all the time. Now, I think she misses her friends and wants another playmate. She seems so sad which is very unusual...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Animal Crackers

Animal crackers are all the same! What the heck is with that!?!?!? Isn't it confusing enough that everything tastes the same with enough sauce? Why do animal crackers need to taste the same? Wow, I am really random today. I think that probably has to do with my headache... I wonder if the song Hysteria by Muse has anything to do with my headache? I wonder a lot... Bye!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have finally accomplished a dream of creating a blog about whatever the heck pops into my mind. For years I have thought of creating a blog and then voila! The perfect blog and I named it... Noooooooo! Someone has taken my perfect blog name so I now must add another zero to the end. My life is over!!!! No, I am just kidding. I love myself way too much to spiral down into a dark hole of depression. Well, now it is time to follow random blogs and comment on things!